Ray’s Minecraft Outfit Design

Wow thank heck, all Team Lad’s designs are now done! it only took me like two months, nearly to the day hah
I was really not present for the shading, but whatevs, I like his kneepad things in any case

Stay tuned for Winter 2015 when I finally get the Gents’ outfits done


so has this been done before or


gavin free appreciation post

if i’m going to have semen on my head, i might as well have loads of it


Let’s Play Ep.99


favourite people » Geoff Ramsey


Here is a 2 for of Michael Rage Quit Jones at the Prop Hunt Let’s Play at RTX 2014.

While you are here you should check out a little youtube series I am starting called Let’s Edit. Let me know what you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAKhK2Xa5BM

the ramseys + gavin (requested by anon)

Rage Quit - Cow Catch


Barry, can you but in a floating burger with eyes, smiling, gently floating right to left across the screen. 


Thank you Barry


AH warm up :-)

music player code